Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Japan: Day 2 - Tokyo (Recap)

10 May 2014 (Tokyo)

It's our second day in Tokyo! The weather couldn't be any perfect. It was sunny and bright.  Although it can get pretty unpredictable with the spring wind. The first day in Tokyo was fairly sunny although it get rather windy later in the afternoon. The wind was cold!

Anyway. Today we decided to head out to Omotesando and making our way to Shibuya etc later on. At least that was the main plan.

After breakfast at the hotel, we took a train to Omotesando station. We took a stroll around the Omotesando neighborhood which has so many chic and cute little cafes/restaurants, beauty salons and boutiques.

After a long stroll, we decided to have lunch at Omotesando Hill (mall?). I forgot the name of the restaurant but we picked whichever Little A could eat. The food was delicious nevertheless. I couldn't really concentrate much that day I don't know why (trouble ahead?).

The plan was to conquer Omotesando and then off to Shibuya. Correct? Well, everything took a 180 turn. After lunch I felt this burning itchy sensation on my left eye. It got watery and it was painful when I shut my eyes, it was painful when I open my eyes as well. This. Ain't. Right. My left eye was so red and watery, we decided to head back to the hotel and try to find an eye doctor ASAP. What the heck is going on.

The hotel staff was very helpful. They managed to find me an eye clinic not too far from the hotel, considering the fact that it was the weekend. So I head there soon as they booked me an appointment and meet with the good eye doctor. Despite the language barrier, I thought we did pretty alright in communicating about my situation. The doctor was fantastic. He had my eye checked very thoroughly. Apparently there was an 'ulcer' in my left eye. It may be caused by the gutsy wind the previous day bringing in dirt and whatnot into my eye, and using my dirty fingers I 'accidentally' scratched it with. And finally gave me two eye drop medications. He said it should be fine in 3-4 days. My goal is for my eye to be better before Disneyland trip. But I guess I can only cross my fingers as of now. Before we leave, he gave me painful drops of eye medicine in which to numb the soreness and itchy sensation for the rest of the day. He said I should never take off whatever form of glasses I had to protect the eye from wind and blaring light. Okay. Hello Stevie Wonder.

So yeah. That was quite an eventful day. After the doctor, we decided to have lunch at the neighboring Takashimaya department store and had another go at Negishi dinner.

Walking back to the hotel, I felt my eye feeling better (which I'm assuming is the result of the numbing medication) so we walked around Shinjuku neighborhood devouring the scenery and watching people bustling towards the station or cramming into a sake/sushi bar. It was an entertaining view.

And then. Let's call it a night. Ze eye ball needs some rest. What an eventful second day in Japan ain't it? Until day 3!

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