Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy 4th Little A

My boy turned 4 on Tuesday (Aug 26th!). Happy birthday baby cake, may God always bless you with good fortune, health and joy. I will always love you till infinity and beyond.

So this year, we decided to celebrate his birthday at his school with all of his friends and teachers. He requested a Pirate themed celebration (mind you, he's in this phase of loving everything about the creepy skulls and whatnot from the Pirates of the Caribbean). Here are glimpses from the celebration on his birthday:

Everyone were geared up with Pirate themed birthday hat and ready to sing 'Happy Birthday' song for my boy.

Me, Little A, and my father. (Birthday cake made by @cooking_dj)

This adorable little one was eager to sing a song for Little A. By herself.

And so was this girl (the one standing with pink glittery shoes).

Specially made Pirate bento boxes by @paradessert.

Alphabet cookies and Pirate flags were also from @paradessert.

The red pirate goody bags were also from @paradessert, cupcakes from @littlesparrowjkt

In case you're all wondering: the birthday cake was made by my good friend Kania DJ (@cooking_dj); the goody bags, bento box and alphabet cookies were made by another good friend Anthie Haryadi (@paradessert); the cupcakes were made by yours truly (@littlesparrowjkt); everything else such as the fruit lollies, birthday hats-napkins-plates were store-bought.

There might be a follow up celebration in the next week or so. But nothing too big nor extravagant. It's going to be about sharing and giving. 

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