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Japan: Day 3 - Tokyo (Recap)

11 May 2014 (Tokyo)

Blogger's note: Sorry! I know it has been a while since I promised to continue my Japan travel story.. but a lot has been going on and now I'll try my best to finish the whole story!

After my eye issue the previous day, I'm going to start day 3 in Japan with a bang (even though I had to wear my sunglasses the whole day outdoor as well as indoor). I won't let my eye irritation stop me from having fun.

We're heading to Tokyo Tower!

So we went to Tokyo Tower. Little A was super excited I'm not sure why. He has a thing for tall towers and being so high up. Whereas me on the other hand, was a bit anxious because I have this fear of height thing. Anyway.

We bought tickets and what do you know, we bumped into the Tokyo Tower's mascot. I'm not sure what is it exactly.. it's pink and it's got a band-aid on its forehead.. and it looks sorta like a pencil? Crayon? I don't know. Little A calls it "Mr. T" (T as in Tokyo Tower).

After taking photos with the mascot aka Mr. T, we took the elevator to the observation deck. I tell you, I was weak in the knees having to see the ground so far below. On the observation deck we bought ourselves some wooden block in the shape of Tokyo Tower, and we wrote whatever it is that we want (wishes, hopes, greetings, etc.) and placed it on this wooden rack near a small praying temple.

 This mysterious ball-shaped rock was found on the very top of Tokyo Tower. I'm guessing Alien's?
The view  from above was simply breathtaking. Oh and it was Mother's Day too. So I get to celebrate Mother's Day on top of Tokyo Tower!

See you real soon Disney!!

Afterwards, we hung out for a bit outside of the Tower only to find an attraction performed by this adorable Japanese Macaque (which is apparently an Old World species monkey native to Japan). This monkey is so smart and I can tell she lives a very happy life with the owner.. she wasn't treated cruelly. You can tell the relationship was pure love. Unlike the Topeng Monyet we often see in Jakarta street these days which were being used as beggars.

After the Macaque show, our belly rumbles. That can only mean one thing: Lunch! So we went to Ginza to have lunch. We were directed to this low key Shabu Shabu restaurant (I forgot the name of the restaurant, but although it was very low key, apparently this particular joint was very famous among locals; hence the long wait line). We didn't took any pictures there because we were so hungry, we were literally concentrating on devouring our food. Just like that.

Then off strolling the street of Ginza. It was car free day, so we can roam freely on the street. We went to this cute gadget store called SoftBank where they had all sorts of gadgets, accessories and odd knick-knacks.

Ramen bowl iPhone holder.

Unagi don iPhone case.

Cute little Mochi shop near the SoftBank store.

While we're still in Ginza, we did a little shopping spree. I went just a little bit crazy in the Uniqlo store over Ines de la Fressange's collection. And then we went to Dover Street Market because it's right behind Uniqlo haha.

One thing you need to know about Japan is that, you would want to try out any kind of cafes because the food presentation is just too cute to be missed! After Dover Street Market, we decided to rest our feet for a bit. So we walked in to this cute little cafe, which I completely blanked out on the name, and just around the corner of Dover Street Market.. but it was bright orange so it shouldn't be hard to miss. I was enchanted by the array of ice cream sundaes, cakes, little sandwiches.. and they're all super yum.

Once our feel are well rested. We continued our 'stroll' to Shibuya, making a 'short' stop at the Beams boutique. 

For Little A, we stopped by the Shibuya Disney Store. I was a little disappointed though. Most of the Disney merchandizes in Japan were all cutesy stuff (kawaii!) and there weren't much edgy stuff like you would find in the United States. Oh well. Then I guess we need to make another trip to the States? *hint*

Before ending the day, we decided to check out the famous Shibuya crossing after dinner. Oh man.There were SO MANY PEOPLE. But it was a beautiful sight. It was something alright.

Day 3 done. Our feet (well, except for Little A who gets to sit on his stroller whenever he's tired) are pretty tired. We don't want to overdo it before our Disney trip. So we head back to the hotel and get ready for Day 4 baby!

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