Friday, September 26, 2014

My Birthday Y'all

It was my birthday y'all! Actually, my birthday was on September 24th.. I haven't had the time to immediately update my birthday hoopla. Anyway. I'm officially turning "Sexy" years old. Haha.

My amazing family took me out to Aoki Japanese Restaurant at Gran Mahakam Hotel for my birthday dinner. We had a lovely time over Japanese food (obviously) and an array of desserts. So I guess my diet practically goes out the window that night.

I was a little anxious on turning the big 3-0 (and from here on I'm going to substitute that number to "Sexy"). Mainly because.. I mean, come on, who wants to get older? We all have that anxiety of getting older (if you're not, there's something weird going on there haha). But the more I thought about turning "Sexy", I thought.. well, at least I have my health, love of my family and beloved, amazing future ahead overall.. And when I can keep up my body looking like this:

..through hard work and a lot of determination if I may add. I conclude.. turning "Sexy" ain't so bad after all.


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