Saturday, October 18, 2014

#20factsabout Me

So I've been 'tagged' by a few people on instagram to do this #20factsabout Me thing. I have been thinking of doing it sooner but just kept on pushing it away. I don't know maybe I just haven't thought about what 20 facts about me that are interesting enough to be shared with people.

But I guess enough putting things aside, I'm going to do it. So if you want to know 20 random facts about me.. Read on.

1. I'm (somewhat) a control freak. I like planning and organizing. So when things don't go as according to plans or beyond my absolute control, I get a little freaked out.. quite often.

2. But on the other hand, I'm also a very chilled person. I sometimes really live by the motto: "Hakuna Matata." And I can be quite impulsive at times.

3. I still watch cartoons.

4. I'm petrified of cicak.

5. I despise cigarettes.

6. I don't do anything coffee related.

7. My absolute favorite place in the world? Disneyland. I want to live there.

8. I may seem like a slob, but I work out hard to keep my body in shape and toned. I put a lot of work into my body.

9. My favorite food is Pizza. Oh, and anything Mexican.. and Japanese.. and Chinese.. and Korean.. and Indian.. and Thai.. what else.. oh yeah, Italian.. okay. I love food in general.

10. Speaking of food. I get cranky like a baby when I'm hungry and it's already meal time.

11. I get anxiety attack if I'm late for an appointment or if people are late for OUR appointment.

12. I'm very fond of Lego.

13. I'm actually a very thrifty person. I don't go out spending tons of money when I don't think it's necessary and worthy.

14. I do love buying excellent quality fashion items that are pricey yet timeless. So it can last for a long period of time.

15. I love online shopping more than going to the stores these days.

16. My deepest darkest secret is that I always dreamed of becoming a Broadway performer.

17.  I dream of living in California one day.

18. I'm a stereotypical Libra girl: tactful, charming, romantic, diplomatic, balanced, indecisive, laid back.

19. The cheesiest song on my iPod is "Mysterious Girl" by Peter Andre.

20. I need to work on my confidence level more. Because I do believe it'll get you places.


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