Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Palo Alto and Other Gifts

Palo Alto Stories by James Franco
(thank you sissy!)

Over the weekend I went to my in-law's house for Idul Adha celebration (making a quick lunch stop at my grandmother's along the way). Lo and behold, both of my sister in laws got me a birthday present! Better late than never, I say. Ha ha.

The first one was my all time most wanted book of the month given by @lestikamadina: Palo Alto Stories by James Franco. Soon as I got home, I finished the book in two days. I thought it was a really fantastic book. Riveting. I must say I salute you, Franco!

The second one, from @anti_shanumazzahra: one is a paisley printed jumpsuit (which I'm sure I'll be able to rock) and the other is a sheer cream thin sweater, which I love.

(thank you anti!)

On another note. I just broke my trusty favorite blow dry round brush. I am completely devastated. I bought the brush back in 2007 during one of my trips to the US. It has been my trusty companion when it comes to blow drying my hair. Now that it has snapped.. I don't know. I haven't found one quite the same. On my last US trip back in 2010, they don't have this brush any more in the shop where I bought them first time around. DEVASTATED. And to top it all of, it can't be fixed (I tried glue-ing them back together.. FAIL. Because the wood part inside felt already sort of weathering which is impossible to be 'power-glued') *cry*

If anyone of you out there know where I can get a good (no, make that excellent) huge round brush for blow dry, please let me know! I'm desperate. I've been searching for one with no luck just yet. Hopefully the perfect one will come around soon.

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