Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween with Little Ghouls

On November 12th Littla A's school held a (belated) Halloween Party at Tamani Kemang. Thanks to the wonderful moms who coordinated the event, it was a very fun-filled awesome party. All the kids had an awesome time!

Little A and I dressed up all in black. He wanted to be a skeleton, so I bust out my makeup skills to 'face paint' him into a creepy skeleton. He loved it. His skeleton sweatshirt was from Disneyland's Pirate of the Caribbean souvenir shop.

So I made these treats to give out to the kids. It's my homemade 'Frankenstein' no bake upside down cheesecake. It turned really yummy! (@littlesparrowjkt)

 All the amazing moms who each made a contribution for the success of the party.

PS: Little A won best costume! Yay me.

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