Monday, December 29, 2014

Lisa's Baby Shower

On the 19th we celebrated something pretty special. My dear friend, Lisa, is expecting a baby. So what better way than to have a baby shower in her honor?

It was pretty difficult to spend a lot of time with her mainly because she works in Tembagapura and rarely get to come home to Jakarta. So whenever she's in town, we always make time to meet up for catch up and girly talk.

So this time around, we decided to have a baby shower for her. Location: Black House cafe/restaurant. We opted for their flower area theme room. The food was excellent too surprisingly. We catch up on things, especially since another good girl friend of ours is in town too: HANOEM! We ate a lot, played some baby shower games and gave out presents for Lisa. It was so much fun despite the fact that we're missing a few people who couldn't make the party (yes, that's you: moryn, andhita, dara and bu mel). 

Congratulations Lisa! We know you're going to be an awesome mother! Can't wait to see your baby boy in February! We're going to spoil him rotten!!

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