Saturday, December 20, 2014

Random Things

"What are you doing?"
"Taking selfies.." 

After weeks of trying to decide whether I should grow out my hair or cut them short again, I finally came to a conclusion. I went back to my trusted old hairstylist from Carina (Bobby Stanley, you da man!) to trim my hair because, lo and behold, I'm growing them out! I need some shape! I need movements! I need volume! And he's the only one who can do something amazing to my supa fine hair. You'll be the first to know once my hair has reached my desired length.

Makeup and beauty kit-wise: I have been obsessing over lipsticks, lipstains.. whatever you want to call it. But I'm pretty particular about it. I'm talking about Lime Crime velvetines. I currently own two other colors: Wicked and Red Velvet. I'm in LOVE with them. Didn't realize that I actually don't look too bad wearing daring lippy color. Good to know.

Beauty routine-wise: I have been wearing less and less makeup. My daily makeup routine these days only contains tinted moisturizer, some concealer, a little loose powder to set the concealer, anastasia dipbrow pomade, mascara, a little contouring using the Nyx kit and lippy. Usually I'll go the whole nine yards with eyeshadows and the winged cat-eye look. But I don't know.. I have been a bit lazy these days and just settle with the aforementioned routine. And as a matter of fact, I'm okay with that.

Food-wise: My husband has been converting me into loving crackers with some deli meat (we're talking about good quality salami here, not some random smoked beef whatever) and some odd fancy cheese to snack on. Used to not loving them.. now I'm loving it.

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