Friday, January 23, 2015

FILM by Davy Linggar

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend private opening of one of my favorite Indonesian photographer, Davy Linggar, at the Papilion Kemang entitled "FILM" an art exhibition.

Big thanks to mba @jannehufron and mas @davylinggar for the invitation!

 This is one of my favorite piece from the exhibition. Something about it that just exudes beauty and I'm completely drawn to it.

Took Little A for his first ever art (photography) exhibition and he was into it. I think he secretly loves photography (or a good photographs).

The goody bag was so lovely! It contains a box of photo catalog which doesn't exactly looked like a 'catalog'. It kind of reminded me of polaroids.

Congratulations mba @jannehufron and mas @davylinggar! So proud for both of you. Can't wait for your upcoming projects. Surely it will be just as awesome (if not, MORE)!

Make sure you check out the exhibition. It's open for public until February 17th 2015 at The Papilion Kemang 3rd floor.

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  1. Perkenalkan, saya dari tim kumpulbagi. Saya ingin tau, apakah kiranya anda berencana untuk mengoleksi files menggunakan hosting yang baru?
    Jika ya, silahkan kunjungi website ini untuk info selengkapnya.

    Oh ya, di sana anda bisa dengan bebas mendowload music, foto-foto, video dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)