Sunday, January 04, 2015

Singapore New Year Trip

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year's eve celebration. May 2015 be an awesome year ahead for all of us!

Now, as you know, I went to Singapore for our end of year's family vacation. My boy, my parents and I flew out on the 30th whereas husband flew out on the 31st because he still has to go to work. We flew via Singapore Airlines and I must say, the whole flight was such a smooth sailing. Clear sky, no turbulence whatsoever.. considering I was a bit nervous because a few days prior there was a flight accident (AirAsia QZ8501 crash). So thank God it was a smooth fly.

ps: Warning. This one is going to be a super long post. Bear with me.

30 December 2014

We flew with Singapore Airlines (the morning flight). Arrived safe and sound at Changi Airport around noon. After waiting for about an hour for our driver to pick us up from the airport (the car company that was supposed to pick us up forgot our flight schedule.. so yeah) and head straight to Mandarin Orchard. Our home away from home for the whole duration of our stay in Singapore.

Since it was already late in the afternoon, we decided to have a late lunch at Ito-Kacho Japanese restaurant at the Mandarin Gallery. Then we finally checked into our room to rest, shower and took a short nap (okay, not really a nap.. just settling into our room: putting things away, storing our luggage and whatnot..)

Later we decided to take a stroll to Takashimaya/Ngee Ann. Little A got blisters on his right foot due to his new shoes so we needed to find a drugstore to get him some bandaids. I shopped a bit at Sephora and Watson.. and then we went to the Lego store on the 5th floor for Little A's pleasure. Before finally ending the day with a dinner at Nan Bei Chinese restaurant (also on the 5th floor). The food was super delicious!

Heading back to the hotel after making a short stop at a supermarket to buy some oranges and honey.. apparently Little A seems like he's coming down with a cough. These should prevent it from worsening.

31 December 2014

Early in the morning I made an appointment to see a pediatrician at Paragon's Kinder Clinic, Dr. Kumar. Why? Because last night I can hear Little A's experienced some wheezing when he's breathing, though surprisingly he slept really well. And he's been coughing even more.

Once we met Dr. Kumar and he gave us some medicines to take home, it's time for lunch. I met up with my long time 'social media' friend, Woro Pradono.. I say 'social media' friend because I've known this girl for a year or so through social media, and we became quite good friends if I say so myself. And after a few times trying to get together, we finally meet! We had lunch at Swensen's in ION and had a non-stop chat with an occasional interruption from both of kids. So good to finally be able to meet her face to face and talked about almost anything.

Hope to see you again real soon Woro and Zee!

Then I strolled around ION, went to Sephora (again). Since Little A got cranky after his nap, my parents took him back to the hotel. And I went out on my own to Somerset and Topshop/Topman Knightsbridge before going back to the hotel to shower and get ready for New Year's Eve dinner with the family and the Francis' (a family friend).

Nutella cake from Gastronomy and McDonald's Apple Pie

My New Year's Eve attire: ASOS black scuba tank, Ikat-print pink high-waist skirt, Repetto ballet flats, Chanel quilt vintage purse

Husband arrived just in time for dinner at the Imperial Chinese restaurant on the 35th floor of our hotel. After dinner we took a stroll around Orchard Road and had another bite at Shiraz Mazzeh kebab  shop. Since tomorrow we planned on something big, we decided to call it a night.

See, I'm not really the kind of person who likes to stay up and pull an all-nighter just for the sake to party. I always opted for my beauty sleep. I love my beauty sleep. So I spent the last 30 minutes of 2014 in.. bed.

Happy New Year everyone. See you in the morning.

1 January 2015

Up early today! The first day of 2015. Where are we going? To the Universal Studio Singapore obviously!

After we're done in USS, we drop my father's off at the hotel. And we went to Paragon to check out Toys'R'Us (per Little A's request). After getting what he wants, we decided to have dinner there at Akashi restaurant since it was already 7pm.

Super fun and tiring day. Bonne nuit and we'll see you tomorrow. Adios amigos.

2 January 2015

Today is our last day in Singapore. It was a short vacation, I know. But it was good enough to unwind and have some fun before Little A school starts again next week.

We had brunch at Jones the Grocer at Mandarin Gallery. The food was superb and they had fresh juices as well as variety of cakes and baked goods.

We decided to have our last shopping spree today. So off we went to Marina Bay Sands (I went to Sephora and Proenza Schouler especially) where Little A kept on nagging us to ride the Sampan.

Then we had lunch at SUFI Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant in Arab Street, where my mother bought some Ikat-print fabrics at one of her favorite fabric shop across the street. Afterwards, Little A decided he wanted to visit the garden. So off we go to Gardens by the Bay. He had so much fun strolling around the garden. By the time we're done, it was already 4pm. There needs to more shopping to do!

So where do we go? Back to Orchard Road off course. Well, our reason is more because it was closer to our hotel. So if we got tired carrying our bags of goodies, we can easily just drop 'em off at the hotel.

Our last dinner was back to Nan Bei.. just because it was that good. Little A scored some more toys at the Lego shop across the restaurant. Then we went back to our hotel rooms because we need to do some major packing for our flight back home in the morning.

3 January 2015

We flew back home today with Singapore Airlines. Though it was short, still was a fun trip nevertheless. Until our next trip!


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