Monday, March 30, 2015

Embracing the New Bump

This is me and my 11 weeks old baby bump

I have been embracing my newly growing belly. I have quite forgotten how it actually feels to have your belly grows by the day when you're pregnant. It does come with its own pros and cons. The only cons: I can't sleep on my belly for now. I kinda already missed it haha.

With this pregnancy I have been quite lazy in keeping up appearances. I'm in a constant fight with my makeup collections and basically putting together a cute outfit like on my first pregnancy. During my first pregnancy I was so ON in stepping up my beauty and fashion game. This time I just really couldn't care less. I guess its the weird hormonal vibe my body is making. But I really need to step up my pregnant beauty and fashion game. Mainly because I do still want to look good in pictures, in public and whatnot!

I am currently almost 14 weeks long. About a week or so go, I was rushed into emergency room because I experienced excruciating pain in my belly. It felt like I had this gigantic ball of gas in my belly that I just couldn't let out. I couldn't *sorry* fart nor poop the. whole. day. Turned out I had colic. Thank God it wasn't anything too serious. I was a little worried for a sec there that I might hurt the baby. But everything was a-okay.

Physical appearance-wise, I don't think I've changed that much. The only obvious changes was (naturally) the growing bump and my chest area. But not too much. My weight has been the same since I regain my weight back after that whole nausea-drama.. I weight 53kg now. All other body areas haven't really changed much. I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (except I need something roomy for the belly (so bye-bye skinny jeans for now). I've been living in my oversized cutoff denim, roomy shorts, skater dresses and leggings.

Beauty-wise.. recently I can only manage to stick to face primer, eye primer, eyebrow, some eyeliner and a little bronzer to put life back into my face. Other than that, I just can't.

So, until my next post. Hopefully it won't take as long next time ;)

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