Thursday, June 11, 2015

Repetto, Je t'aime

I have this never ending love relationship with the French shoe brand, Repetto. I do consider myself a classic when it comes to my view on fashion. I like things simple, classic and timeless with an edge. Some would call this type of style the 'French Girl' style. Maybe I do dress like the typical 'French Chic' norm. I love the classic stripes, ballet flats, simple black moto leather jacket, simple crisp casual blazer, dark skinny jeans, denim cutoffs, simple summer dresses, black and whites.. you know what I mean.

I am currently lusting these shoes by Repetto (top: the Brigitte, bottom: the Camille). I'm planning on getting one or two of them soon.

For more Repetto go to their official website Repetto Official 
Or visit the Indonesian store at Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall

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