Thursday, July 09, 2015

Long Weekend: Singapore

Last weekend (over the America's Independence Day weekend) we went on a short family getaway to Singapore. Although we didn't get to crammed as much stuff that we'd like to do, due to my heavy pregnancy, it was still a fun trip. A perfect getaway before we'll be super busy with the arrival of the new baby. Right??

Day 1 

We took the early morning Garuda flight to Singapore. Little A was up bright and early. He was so excited to go vacationing. The flight itself was super smooth and we arrived in Singapore safe and sound. We stayed in Mandarin Orchard hotel (it has been our chosen stay whenever we went to Singapore because it's practically close to anywhere..) After settling into our hotel room, we took a stroll around Orchard and as promised got Little A that Jurassic World Lego he's been nagging forever from the Lego Shop in Ngee Ann shopping mall!

Breakfast at Soekarno-Hatta Airport

That Jurassic World Lego someone's been nagging on getting

Munching on Ben's Cookies (Wisma Atria lower level)

Look who I bumped into while having dinner at Ito-Kacho (Mandarin Gallery)!

Pastrami Sandwich from Sacha & Sons (Mandarin Gallery) that brings my husband straight to 7th Heaven haha.. I got the chicken schnitzel sandwich (not pictured) which were just as delicious!

After way too much food.. we call it a night because Day 2 we're planning on taking Little A to Universal Studios Singapore. We don't want to tired out this pregnant mammal, don't we?

Day 2 

Woke up early to prepare for Universal Studios Singapore! We already got our online tickets ready, so no need to go in line for ticket purchasing at Sentosa Resort. Little A has been super excited to see the Jurassic Park area (because he has been obsessed over everything Jurassic Park/World related). But of course, we tasted ALL the park has to offer (except for this pregnant mammal obviously because basically I literally weren't allowed on most of the rides and attractions *le sighs*).

What a great timing to visit USS (not).. it was practically HEAT WAVE, and you know what that means: heat and humid are not a pregnant mammal's best friend as I was literally melting from the heat

Dino Soarin' Ride

Someone (or both?) is excited

Since all I can do is sit around and wait (and snacking obviously).. I'd like to thank the three crucial items above to accompany me: a fan (to keep me cool although not much), reading material (currently devouring this Sherlock Holmes' book) and endless purchase of ice cream

Raptors (and human?) eggs

By the time we finished 'touring' around the park, we literally stuck in these chairs for a while because the heat and humidity was so unbearable that we need to take a breather

After USS checked off the list, we head to Vivo City mall. For what? To COOL OFF of course! What else is there? Oh, and some window-shopping obviously.

We end the day by going back to Ngee Ann to meet up with my parents for dinner. After that my feet and my back just couldn't handle it anymore. So dead tired. We need my beauty sleep.

Day 3 

Super exhausted from the previous day, we decided to take things easy. Just getting stuff that we needed.. strolling around Orchard in a leisurely pace. Oh and tonight there will be Orchard Pedestrian Night (aka car free day)! Let's see what it's all about.

Day 5 

Got up early to go to the airport for our departure home to Jakarta today. However, there has been an incident back in Soekarno-Hatta Airport (there was fire at the JW Lounge that causes electricity malfunctions and whatnot) which causes lots of flight to Jakarta being delayed.. including ours! Our original scheduled flight was at 12.20 PM Singapore time. It was delayed until 18.00 PM. And then after waiting around with uncertainty, it was delayed again until further notice. In the end, I was so exhausted that we decided to rescheduled our flight to the following day and stayed at the Crowne Plaza Changi to rest. I can't take the uncertainty any longer. We were literally stuck in Changi for 12 hours!

Day 6 

We found out that our previous scheduled flight the other night flew at around 1.30 in the morning. Oh. My. God. Thank God we took that needed beauty rest otherwise it will be even more exhausting for myself.

I have to applaud my son, despite obviously being tired and all, he's still such a troop and wasn't annoyed whatsoever. He was such a pleasant to have on a trip!

Can't wait for our next trip once the baby pops out! Thank God our flight wasn't delayed any longer and we get to go home safe and sound.

Until my next trip post!

Toodles xx.

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