Thursday, October 15, 2015

Baby Update: She's Here!

Wow. It has been almost one whole month since my last blog post! I have been super occupied because guess what? The baby is here! Well. Actually our baby girl was born on September 18th 2015 at exactly 00.09 AM (talk about feeling exhausted and sleepy afterwards). From now on, we'll call her Baby K.

After a long labor (though it wasn't painful.. just the boredom of waiting around), Baby K finally decided to greet the world with just one whole push. Yep. I had another normal childbirth. Although it didn't happen as fast as I wanted it to (like my first childbirth), it was still a fairly easy birthing process. The doctor was with me the whole way. It took a while until Baby K decided to pop out, I had to be induced 3-4x (with no contractions or pain happening). At the last minute the doctor decided to broke my water, and within minutes I was in excruciating pain I just wanted to push. And she's out.

As a parent, I want nothing but the very best for my children. But I will say that I'll always root and pray for Baby K to be a humble, kind, loving, generous, beautiful on the inside (as well on the outside), full of humor, smart, sassy and overall a good human being.

Little A was super excited to finally meet his little sister. He was very fond of the little one. Although at times I can sense a hint of jealousy when we're fussing too much over Baby K. But in general, he was very gentle, loving and super protective of his little sister.

I haven't been able to post anything sooner because with the new baby and all, I was feeling super exhausted and anytime I had a little time to myself.. I would just take a short nap or just simply breathe. Hopefully I can post some more soon! Baby K will turn one month old this weekend! Yay.

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