Thursday, December 31, 2015

November-December Hauls

Since today (it is past midnight already) is basically will be the last day of 2015, I'm planning on doing a look back post of 2015 in the morning or later in the afternoon.. because let's face it. I haven't really been super productive with my blog. So I thought it would be the perfect way to sum up what's been up the during my MIA moment.

Meanwhile, this blog will be about my November-December hauls. So let's talk about that.

First things first. I got this tea called Organic Mother's Milk, which basically promotes healthy lactation and helps you produce more breastmilk. It tasted good. Chamomile-ish. Licorice-ish. I drank it with or without honey.

I wouldn't say this product boost my breastmilk supply tremendously. It does promotes healthy lactation, and I am able to produce sufficient amount of breastmilk to keep my baby satisfied. Besides, the tea tasted good, I enjoyed it. You know how I love to do tea. So yeah, I would absolutely recommend this tea to any breastfeeding mom out there. Other than the tea I also took Fenugreek supplement twice a day. That should keep my breastmilk production going all day.

Next. I got these amazing bracelets made by @dimidiaworld. I absolutely loved it! I got both engraved with my kids' names. Go check out their instagram @dimidiaworld now. They're totally amazing.

This book (picture below) was a part of my birthday wish list. Soon as I saw them in our local book shop, I had to have it asap. So yeah. "Love x Style x Life" by Garance Dore, one of my favorite fashion icon. The book itself was thoroughly entertaining and eye opening to say the least. Love it. The illustrations inside are also super cute.

Okay. I wasn't planning on getting more lipsticks or any lip products.. but when I saw these babies available, I had to have it. These are Stila's Eternally Yours liquid lipstick set. I've been eyeing them for a while and they've been sold out everywhere. A friend of mine who owned the instagram @onelipstickaday had one available, so I bought it from her! Score. I enjoyed all the colors and they're in small travel size. So cute! I've used Stila Patina and Aria before so the extra colors are a big bonus!

(L-R): Caramello, Patina, Aria, Como, Chianti, Fiery 


Fiery (I love this red!)

Next. I finally got my package from ASOS! Bought a bunch of goodies. ASOS has always been one of my favorite and go-to online store! They've got everything. Let's unbox these goodies together shall we?

(Top to Bottom, L-R): Mustard Amp lunchbox, Me and Zena Libra necklace, Evil Eye arm bracelet, ASOS black leather watch (inside the box), ASOS black men's shirt, Skinny Dip lips iPhone 6s case, Daisy Street sleeveless shirt dress

A lunchbox. Because, why not? 

I'm OBSESSED with this Libra necklace from Me and Zena jewelry

And yeah. That wraps up all my hauls for November-December 2015. Keep an eye out for my next hauls. It might come sooner that you may think.

I hope you enjoyed it. Follow me on my snapchat @kara.gunawan or instagram @karagunawan for updates and whatnots.


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