Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rest in Love

My late Eyang Jacoba on my wedding day, 2009

My last blog post was on December 15th. Who knew things would changed so drastically within hours after I wrote that blog post. First things first, it was my father's birthday. We celebrate it very casually. I baked him a chocolate cake, which was oh so good, obviously.

Though it calls for some celebration, it really wasn't a good time to celebrate, because my paternal Grandmother has been sick and was hospitalized. December 15th. She wasn't getting better. After much thorough consideration, the family decided to let her go. It was just her time. She died of old age. She was 90 years old. She has lived a full life and she was happy. She passed away that night with the whole family surrounding her. It was a sad day. I was sad for my father because from then on, December 15 will always be reminding him of the day his mother passed away.

My grandmother, Jacoba Theodora Gunawan (Vroegop) was a wonderful person. She was always so vibrant, full of laughter, so strong.. She will be missed dearly. I love you, Eyang. Until we meet again in the after life.

Rest in Peace Eyang

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